Heather A. O’Connor

Chief Executive Officer

Heather A. O’Connor is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of River Bridge Technology, Inc.  Mrs. O’Connor is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction, overseeing and managing its business and financial performance. Heather O’Connor is a seasoned leader and credentialed expert in operational and compliance auditing. She is a certified ISO 9001:2015 Standards Auditor, a Six Sigma practitioner, a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and a degreed trainer and educator.

For a ten-year period beginning in 2006, Mrs. O’Connor supported the United States Military and many other NATO Allied Forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan. She promoted best quality and auditing practices and successfully led teams that employed Lean Six Sigma standards to improve operational efficiency and adherence to regulations. During this period, Mrs. O’Connor received numerous awards and recognition. Prior, she managed information technology support/retention teams at America Online, where she received awards for achieving performance improvement. As an educator, she is an experienced professional in developing and delivering training and educational programs tailored to meet the needs and objectives of her clients.

Heather A. O’Connor is a native of Northern Virginia and holds a Master of Science Degree from Florida State University, a Bachelor of Science Degree from the State University of West Georgia, and several varied trade expertise certifications. She is a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Training Institute and serves as a Dale Carnegie Graduate Assistant to help others build their leadership and presentation skills.

Jay Herriott

President & Chief Operating Officer

Jay Herriott serves as President & Chief Operating Officer of River Bridge Technology. In this role, he provides strategic oversight and direction overall business operations and business development activity. Mr. Herriott has gained an extensive and diverse background in the field of Information Technology (IT), where he has served clients in the Department of Defense, E-Commerce industry, and the private sector. He began his career as a IT technician and steadily progressed to become highly proficient in developing and deploying network infrastructure, IT security systems, and in the strategic and operational management of all facets of IT.

In 2002, Mr. Herriott became the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Cornerstone Industry, Inc., and was responsible for supporting the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Department of Defense (DoD) with developing the Joint Doctrine Electronic Information System (JDEIS) and the Doctrine Networked Education and Training system (DOCNET). His efforts assisted the DoD with ensuring consistent access to standardized doctrine and training across the military services. Mr. Herriott also assisted the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in building their online, web-based training program and making it available through several educational institutions including the Marine Corps Institute, the National Defense University, and the American Military University. Following his tenure at Cornerstone Industry, Inc., Mr. Herriott joined KBR, Inc., and deployed to Anbar Province, Iraq, to support the IT needs of the USMC in theater. Prior to his position at River Bridge Technology, Mr. Herriott was CIO for Calvert-Jones, Inc., where he was responsible for the delivery of IT services for a variety of customers.

Since 2002, Jay Herriott has been a leader in his community, proving hands-on services to the homeless. In 2010, Mr. Herriott officially started a 501(c)(3) organization – The 25th Project. His concept remains as simple today as it was when he began – “do something to support the basic needs of the homeless on the 25th day of each month.” His non-profit organization has grown to hundreds of volunteers who serve thousands of meals, provide articles of clothing, and meet other basic needs of the homeless in and around his community.

David Cummings

Division Director, Solutions Integration & Engineering

David Cummings is the Division Director for Solutions Integration & Engineering at River Bridge Technology. An experienced systems sales engineer and program manager, Mr. Cummings is responsible for overseeing the holistic implementation of all services provided to clients ensure effective and efficient implementation of project standards and requirements.

Mr. Cummings is a U.S. Navy Veteran with an extensive and impressive background. Prior to joining River Bridge Technology, Mr. Cummings supported the Naval Air Weapons Systems Center as a Senior Systems Engineer and was responsible for the design, development, and test and evaluation for the Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices program.  He has also supported the Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security as an electronics countermeasure engineer and program manager.  In 2006, Mr. Cummings was the sole principle civilian test engineer deployed to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan to support the military with Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) systems engineering, integration and interoperability, and unit training.  Earlier in his career, he served as a staff officer in the California Military Department, Joint Forces Headquarters, where he supported the deployment of several units to assist with a variety of national disasters.

Currently residing in Fort Worth, TX, Mr. Cummings earned his B.A. Degree in Media Communications at California State University – Northridge, and an M.S. Degree in Industrial Systems Engineering from the Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California. Mr. Cummings gives back to his community by supporting military families.  He is the Executive Director for Yellow Ribbon.org, an organization serving and supporting the families of U.S. Military Reserve Personnel deployed throughout the world.

James R. Beach

Division Director, Energy & Environmental Controls

James R. Beach serves as the Division Director for River Bridge Technology’s Energy and Environmental Control Division and is responsible for understanding and meeting client needs related to all facets of indoor environmental and energy program management. Prior to joining River Bridge Technology, Mr. Beach worked for a large energy service company (ESCO) where he was responsible for all technical aspects of building energy management solutions.

Mr. Beach’s reputation as an expert in energy and environmental control systems management was built through 30 years of hands-on technical experience and while training and mentoring other practitioners. As a Certified Indoor Air-Quality Professional (CIAQP), he has tested and reported on building systems’ performance related to maintaining proper indoor environmental conditions, while continuing to perform to peak energy efficiency standards, and he was an early, technical pioneer who helped build a Network Operating Center (NOC) for monitoring and controlling building HVAC, Energy and Comfort systems. As an Accredited Professional in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), he has conducted several large, level 3 energy audits using standards established by the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). He also holds a Mechanical Science Degree for HVAC and a master’s license in Mechanical HVAC issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A native of Northern Virginia with four grown children, Mr. Beach lives in Lovettsville, VA., where he practices organic farming and lives in his passive solar designed house.

Bitsy Keown

Director of Finance

Bitsy Keown is the Director of Finance for River Bridge Technology, Inc. Bitsy is responsible for financial activities, reporting and auditing for River Bridge Technology. She possesses industry experience with small businesses start-up to corporate businesses, including Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, the SEC, FDIC, Federal Reserve and Sarbanes Oxley. She is a seasoned professional with in-depth experience in most industries accounting software.

As a member of The National Society of Accountants, Bitsy is familiar with and stays abreast of changes and modifications to current financial and tax regulations. Over the past four years, Bitsy has been affiliated with the Girl Scouts of America, Troop 10060, as their Treasurer.  Mrs. Keown’s responsibilities have been to maintain accurate financial records of the Troop and oversee compliance of Council financial procedures for the Troop and to assist with the continued growth and development of the Service Unit and Service Team by being an active member.

Bitsy is currently located in the Huntsville, Alabama area and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy from the University of Phoenix. She has obtained and maintains several trade expertise certifications over the years to continue her education in the detailed financial and accounting field.

Kevin Skibbens

Lead Auditor/SME

Kevin Skibbens is an Auditor and Subject Matter Expert for River Bridge Technology, Inc. Kevin is responsible for completing and conducting auditing activities within the scope of varied projects. Additionally, as a Subject Matter Expert, Kevin is a credentialed expert in the fields of: hazardous waste / hazardous material management and spill response; emergency and risk management; quality assurance and military medical systems and support.

As a 23 year US Military Veteran, Kevin is a proven leader with insight into mentoring which has proven to be invaluable in developing the next generation of information and learning technologies. His deeply rooted network across both Military and Contracting fields has kept Kevin abreast of the next level toolset of business and outreach client development.

Kevin is a Chicago, Illinois native and holds his Public (Occupational) Health Technician certification from U. S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, TX. He maintains expertise and technical skills in diverse precepts such as; OSHA safety systems and procedures; US DoD functionality; occupational medicine; auditing and compliance; distance learning and learning management system development.

Pamela Howard

Lead Behaviorist

Pamela Howard is a Lead Behaviorist for River Bridge Technology, Inc. She is a specialist who has designed, implemented, and operated crisis service programs for numerous agencies. She has provided customized services to multiple organizations, creating solutions based direct service programs to address community needs. Ms. Howard’s field experience includes facilitating psycho-educational groups for institutionalized populations and supervising human services personnel including permanent staff, volunteers, and special projects’ personnel.

Her consultation for civilian special projects includes design and implementation of multi-jurisdictional narcotics task forces, School Resource Officer program implementation, Community Policing programs, S.W.A.T. Team development, D.U.I. Task Force creation, psychiatric crisis stabilization units, community safety programs, Avian Pandemic Crisis Operation Management, and other programs. Ms. Howard has conducted trainings and presentations in the emergency response, protective services, and prosecutorial communities regarding psycho-social aspects of crisis and trauma, specifically for state emergency management agencies, state police and investigative agencies, state prosecutorial agencies, national officers’ associations, and the United States Department of Justice.

Ms. Howard is a Georgia native, with a A.S. in Criminal Justice and a B.S. in Sociology from the University of West Georgia, and a M.C.J. in Criminal Justice from Boston University. As an international trainer, Ms. Howard has presented topics ranging from forensic programs to mass casualty response to crisis management in counterterrorism. She has co-founded two university-based crisis training programs including the University of West Georgia and Auburn University. Most recently she has designed the Forensic Navigator Training series and co-designed a forensic behavior gaming technology.

Jim Omer

Senior Programmer

Jim Omer is a Senior programmer for River Bridge Technology, Inc. With over 15 years of project management and consulting experience in software development for both government and commercial clients, including the Department of Defense, major hospitals, and national media publishers, Jim’s brings a varied background to the team.

Jim has led agile product development teams for video games, mobile applications, websites and e-learning projects. He maintains experience and skills in business development, client and contract negotiations, and day-to-day business operations.

Jim is a native of the Richmond, Virginia area and currently resides in the Northern Virginia Metropolitan Area. He has obtained a Master of Science in Accounting, with Concentration in Management Information Systems from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA and currently is the creator and lead designer of an innovative mobile app business that provides aggregated sports prediction data and an interactive prediction game.

Rufus “J.R.” Arthur

IT Senior Engineer

Rufus “JR” Arthur is an IT Senior Engineer for River Bridge Technology, Inc. JR is responsible the design, development, and implementation of IT hardware, software, and network infrastructures across multiple platforms and systems. His experiences provides for the application of systems engineering principles to investigate, analyze, plan, design, develop, implement, test, and/or evaluate computer systems and to develop documentation to support system engineering and technical analyses, reports, change proposals, and other technical areas.

As a Senior IT Engineer in the data management area, JR maintains certifications and experience in applying an enterprise-wide approach to managing, planning, analyzing, designing, developing and supporting IT systems. This experience includes performing enterprise-wide systems planning, business information planning, and business data analysis; performing process and data modeling using both manual and automated tools; applying reverse engineering and re-engineering disciplines to develop migration planning documents and coordinating planned system and implementation activities.

As a Northern Virginia native, transplanted to Orlando with his family, JR continues to develop and maintain skills in: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Quark Express, Flash Dreamweaver, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Element 3D, PowerPoint, Fetch, Muse, PowerPoint, and Keynote on both PC & Mac Platforms.

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